2021 Week 12: Bicycle Humility

This week I went for a ride on this Giant TCR road bike. Having put off buying a racing bicycle for several years, not having had a good place to store it while living in shared accommodation, I’ve been excitedly contemplating owning something like this. At first I felt disappointed in the bike, but then realised actually it’s me: I haven’t built the fitness or skill needed to appreciate an ultra light competitive machine. It can be uncomfortable, but will lead to being happier with less, and that feels like a valuable truth to realise.

2021 Week 10: Be the change

Setting up a house in Auckland, friends and chance acquaintances alike were sceptical about the ease of living without a car. Auckland does have public transport, and while it is better than the locals might think, the reality is that infrastructure is built around the assumption of car ownership. Parking is free and plentiful, commercial and industrial parks are organised for the ease of large vehicles. The world needs to move away from the damage of fossil fuel consumption, as well as making transport healthier and more efficient. To help stimulate change, early adopters are needed to sacrifice convivence in order to blaze trails. It is time and energy consuming, but also rather satisfying.

Photos from the Week: Commuting

2021 Week 9: Selfishly Helping

Today was the last of the four changes of residence I’ve made in the past month, having finally found a place to settle. It’s been surprisingly difficult given the relatively few possessions I’m travelling with. The constant active thought required when the habits that carry me through a typical day no longer make sense. Despite this I still notice myself offering to help: a stranger load some salvage onto the back of a ute, a son trying to sell his fathers old bicycle without knowing much about it, a fellow traveller who is lost. I don’t think this reflects an inclination towards generosity or some moral goodness I possess. I think much of the time I help selfishly, either because I feel ownership over the world around me, and so want it to be a better place, or because it is validating to help others.

I hope as less energy goes into sourcing appliances and utilities, I will have more time to write longer pieces in the coming weeks.

Photo from the Week

Moth with spherical condensation.