2021 Week 9: Selfishly Helping

Today was the last of the four changes of residence I’ve made in the past month, having finally found a place to settle. It’s been surprisingly difficult given the relatively few possessions I’m travelling with. The constant active thought required when the habits that carry me through a typical day no longer make sense. Despite this I still notice myself offering to help: a stranger load some salvage onto the back of a ute, a son trying to sell his fathers old bicycle without knowing much about it, a fellow traveller who is lost. I don’t think this reflects an inclination towards generosity or some moral goodness I possess. I think much of the time I help selfishly, either because I feel ownership over the world around me, and so want it to be a better place, or because it is validating to help others.

I hope as less energy goes into sourcing appliances and utilities, I will have more time to write longer pieces in the coming weeks.

Photo from the Week

Moth with spherical condensation.

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